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7.2 is Fast Approaching! Are you Prepared?!

by Escaverse, 314 days ago

Hey Team!

Here a quick follow up on the next patch:

  • Class mounts Finally Arrive after completing the 2nd Part of the Pathfinder Achievement!
  • Rares on the Broken Shore now give a new type of resource, Legionfall Supplies, Which are now used for building New structures for the area.
  • As in the Legion Pre-Patch, Nethershards return for the Illidari located in Org, and in the Broken Shore for those who missed out on the fun when legion came out!
  • Easy Ways to Gear up again! Dauntless tokens will become available in 7.2, just like the WoD Baleful tokens, can be used for the appropriate Specializations. These can also be bought for 400 Nethershards or dropped from NPCs in the Broken Shore.
  • New faction in 7.2, Armies of Legionfall, attaining Revered is Required for the Pathfinder.

Gearing made easy, Flying upon the Horizon. Get out there and have some fun!

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